Way Of LIFE@ Sapphire

Our Values in action

The 5 values of Excellence, Courage, Integrity, Empathy & Accountability form the bedrock of the work culture at Sapphire Foods.

These values inspire each of us and drive our daily behaviours, processes and actions. They shape our environment and form the foundation of our decisions, while providing us with a moral compass and guidance during trying times.


At Sapphire, we aim to achieve excellence from our work, our people and the organisation as a whole. This commitment drives us to be the best version of ourselves.


Achieving excellence often requires the courage of forging our own paths, and having the will to do things differently, of breaking stereotypes, of facing obstacles that come in the way of our goals without fear.


Excellence matters and lasting excellence can only be achieved through integrity of purpose and action, of being true to one’s work and own self. Cutting corners don’t get you to your destination. There is no proxy to hard work for greatness.


Empathy is what makes us human. Personal achievement is not to be gained at the cost of another; empathy towards our co-workers is what helps us make the right choices, doing what is right by us and by others.


Accountability, or निभाना, is about personal ownership and commitment. It is about fully delivering what is expected of us, even as we are dependent on others to fulfil our obligations.

What do you need to do to get ahead at Sapphire

We want to hire people who consciously or otherwise live the Sapphire Values in their everyday lives. The drive & passion to excel, the grit & courage to chart out new paths & overcome obstacles, the integrity to do the right things, the empathy to work & collaborate with fellow colleagues and the personal accountability to get things done, no excuses, is what will help you get ahead at Sapphire.

So if you feel strongly about these values & are looking for a great adventure, write in to careers@sapphirefoods.in


At Sapphire Foods, it is not all work however; we know how to have fun too! Whether it is the Sapphire Premier League, or the Sapphire Champs Challenge or the events we celebrate in our offices, we take every opportunity to showcase talent and celebrate our journey together! While our teams work relentlessly to provide great food and service to our customers, we ensure they have their own ‘space’ in the stores. They are encouraged to unleash their creativity and personalize their own space in their second home.


Diversity is a competitive differentiator that is known to drive success and we at Sapphire Foods make every effort to promote diversity of thought and action. From our raring to go lady managers, to our specially-abled stores, we pride ourselves in being a fair, diverse and inclusive organization. We have opened an all-women KFC store in Mumbai and wish to celebrate many such moments of pride. If you are committed to our purpose & passion, and share our vision, then we have a place for you.


Our passion to serve a memorable experience to every consumer extends to the larger society as well. We provide food for underprivileged children across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat & Delhi on an ongoing basis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we expressed our gratitude to frontline workers such as doctors, health officials and police officers with free pizza.

At Sapphire Foods, not only do we ensure that we have happy and engaged customers and employees, we also actively engage with the society to contribute towards its overall well-being through Clean and Green drives, and spending well-meaning time with the elderly. In all our expressions towards the society, we leave happy impressions.


We always strive towards building a safe and empowering workplace for our 7000 plus strong team. Our policies ensure that the rights and interests of our teams are always protected. We have a robust system and clear guidelines that propagate fairness and respect within the organization.