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Sapphire Foods is one of the largest franchisees of Yum! Brands Inc. in the subcontinent, with a track record of successfully operating more than 400 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants across India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

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LIFE@ Sapphire


At Sapphire, we aim to achieve excellence from our work, our people and the organisation as a whole. This commitment drives us to be the best version of ourselves.


Achieving excellence often requires the courage of forging our own paths, and having the will to do things differently, of breaking stereotypes, of facing obstacles that come in the way of our goals without fear.


Excellence matters and lasting excellence can only be achieved through integrity of purpose and action, of being true to one’s work and own self. Cutting corners don’t get you to your destination. There is no proxy to hard work for greatness.


Empathy is what makes us human. Personal achievement is not to be gained at the cost of another; empathy towards our co-workers is what helps us make the right choices, doing what is right by us and by others.


Accountability, or निभाना, is about personal ownership and commitment. It is about fully delivering what is expected of us, even as we are dependent on others to fulfil our obligations.

Happy and Engaged is a state in which we like to operate at Sapphire Foods. Happy employees create a happy environment and happy customers. Happy customers are the force behind Sapphire's momentum.

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